Policy of quality and environmental management


1. Multiple satisfaction: satisfied co-workers -> satisfied customers -> satisfied owners.

Satisfied customers come back and make it possible to employ new workers.

With both customers and suppliers we build partnership based on long term cooperation and trust.

Satisfied co-worker is happy to come to work, he is productive and successful; the result is a job well done, which means that products are made in accordance with customer demands. We are aware, that the company is not represented only by machinery, but mostly by people. 


2. The basic philosophy to maintain quality is defined by responsibility of each individual. Each individual is aware of importance of his work and his contribution to formation. Employees are proud of their work, only clear tasks and defined responsibility leads to reaching set goals. 


3. The realization of planned business policy means:

  • Setting measurable objectives with included environmental components,
  • monitoring the accomplishments and
  • taking appropriate actions in case of failing.


4. Competition is based on knowledge.

New co-workers are qualified to understand the needs and demands of customers, only with eligible staff we can reach and achieve set goals.

Beside the competition is for a long term effect also important how we treat the environment, which reasures that because of activitiy the quality of environment will not get worse. People's health is a value which we consider with great responisibility. 


5. Constant improvements of system quality and environmental treatment makes it possible for us to stay in the game. In the process of improvements we include all employees and take in consideration their suggestions and advice. 

We continue to minimize environmental impact with a systematic approach which means:

  • rising awareness of environmental issues among co-worker;
  • public  announcement on politics on the internet;
  • realization of set environmental goals;
  • taking appropriate actions in case of spilling of dangerous substances;
  • separating as well as minimizing of waste;
  • planning and implementing of technologies and products to minimize burdening the environment in production, usage and waste management;
  • technological renovation of processes for minimizing the use of natural resources and waste production;
  • minimizing the usage of energy for the same effect;
  • In realization of product we use modern, in practice tested technology, mechanical equipment, devices and procedures, that enable less scrap, energy saving, regeneration and recycling.


6. The total system of quality management and environmental management is the primary task of leadership. It is based on preventive action, which means in time detection of defects and deficiencies in all areas.

Company management:

  • supports continuous environmental improvements in company,
  • more safety at work,
  • monitoring the implementation of mandatory regulatory requirements and customer requirements,
  • meets the expectations of stakeholders.


7. Noone is always right, that is why we recognize our mistakes. We do not hide knowledge, we share it.

8. My co-worker is my customer, therefore I need him. I am his customer as well, because he needs me, too.

9. Everyone understands the meaning of the cost incurred, especially the cost of unquality.

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